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Test_Lab: The Graduation Edition Jul 14, 2011 08:00 PM

In this edition of Test_Lab we celebrate the graduation of a selection of freshly graduated media ...

Upcoming residency by Marguerite Humeau Upcoming residency by Marguerite Humeau

From January 2014, Marguerite Humeau will take up residence at V2_ to work on her new project "The ...

Test_Lab: Art Meat Flesh Dec 19, 2013 08:00 PM

A special Christmas edition of Test_Lab on the fact, fiction, hype and mythology of advanced ...

Back, here below, formidable

"Back, here below, formidable" (2011) by Marguerite Humeau is an installation from the "Vocal ...

The Things?

The Things? is a project by Marguerite Humeau.

Tagny Duff

Tagny Duff (CA) is an interdisciplinary artist and the founder/director of Fluxmedia.

Phase IV

"Phase IV" (1974) by Saul Bass is a science-fiction film.


"Aelita: Queen of Mars" (1924) by director Yakov Protazanov is considered the first Soviet science ...


Cultivating Consciousness since 1995.

Po-Ting Lee / 李 柏廷

Po-Ting Lee (TW) is a new media artist.

Mikey Weinkove

Mikey Weinkove (UK) is a co-founder of "The People Speak" and originator of the "Talkaoke."

Julie Legault

Julie Legault (CA) is an interdisciplinary designer exploring the futures of accessories.

Herwig Weiser

Herwig Weiser (AT) makes intriguing machines he calls 'analog sculptural processes'.

Cheryl Field

Cheryl Field (UK) is an artist.

Tom Heene

Tom Heene (BE) is a media artist.

Jonas Loh

Jonas Loh (DE) is a designer and developer.

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