Mark B. Hansen

Mark B. Hansen (US) theorizes the role played by technology in human agency and social life.

Mark B. Hansen

Mark B. Hansen

Mark B. Hansen is professor of English, Visual Arts and Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Chicago.

Hansen has worked on numerous topics ranging from literary studies to film and media, philosophy, science studies, rock music, and cognitive neuroscience. His interdisciplinary research, brought forth in writing and teaching, focuses on the experiential significance of the revolution in computation. For him, the computational revolution is altering the infrastructure of our life, and we have to enter its premises to re-define our (human) role.

Author of numerous essays on cultural theory, contemporary literature, and media, among which Embodyment: The Machinic and the Human in V2_'s aRt&D (2005), Hansen published Embodying Technesis: Technology Beyond Writing (2000), New Philosophy for New Media (2004), and Bodies in Code (2006); the latter two on the practice of experiencing the theoretical and technical significance of the digital revolution through the work of practicing new media artists, architects, and literary authors.

The coupling of the human and the technical appear in his paper on artist Bill Viola and phenomenology The Time of Affect, or Bearing Witness to Life (Critical Inquiry, 2004). Self-affection and technical time lead then to the evolutionary dynamics of human technogenesis: Neocybernetic Emergence: New Essays in Second Order Cybernetics (with Bruce Clarke, Duke, 2008).

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