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Machine Aesthetics Exhibition Jun 27, 1997

The exhibition, part of the Machine Aesthetics event.

Martin Berghammer

Martin Berghammer (DE) is an artist and programmer.

Martin Howse

Martin Howse (GB) is a programmer, writer, performer and explorer.

Nicolas Anatol Baginsky

Nicolas Anatol Baginsky (DE) is an artist.

Julien Ottavi

Julien Ottavi (FR) is an artist, cultural activist and founder of APO33.

Stéphane Claude

Stéphane Claude (CA) is a sound artist, and half of ÆLab.

Martin Spanjaard

Martin Spanjaard (NL) is an artist.

Rolf Pixley

Rolf Pixley (US/NL) is an artist and researcher.

Stan Wijnans

Stan Wijnans (NL) is an artist and programmer for interactive systems.

Tom Schouten

Tom Schouten (BE) is an artist-programmer.

Francis Hunger

Francis Hunger (DE) is an artist, designer and programmer.

Brigit Lichtenegger

Brigit Lichtenegger (NL) is a new media artist, programmer, researcher, curator and ...


"[m]" is a light installation by Martin Schitter.

Ralf Baecker

Ralf Baecker (DE) is an artist-programmer.

Three Sirens

"Three Sirens" (1992-) is a self learning robo rock band by Nicolas Anatol Baginsky.

Antoine Schmitt

Antoine Schmitt (FR), is an artist and programmer who stands at the crossing of abstraction and ...

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