Martin Wiedmer

Martin Wiedmer [photo: Jan Sprij]

Martin Wiedmer

Martin Wiedmer (CH) is Head of the Institute for Research in Art and Design.

A studied architect, Martin Wiedmer is also a Design Researcher and Lecturer for the Master Studio with a focus on Experimental Design.

2001 Feasibilty study Pallazzo Multimediale Castelvetrano (I). 2002/2003 Metaworx – Approaches to Interactivity. 2004-2010 Board Member of the Swiss Design Network (SDN), since 2010 President. 2004/2005 Researchproject intelligent skin – the fourth dimension. 2005/2006 Research Project Compositing Spaces. 2006–2008 Researchproject LifeClipper2. 2008 Co-editor pre-specifics. Some comparatistic investigations on research in design and art. jrp|ringier, Zürich. 2008-2009 Textile Interface.

Wiedmer's interests in Augmented Reality focus on Urban Design, Design, and Architecture. As member of the ARCH-Swiss Augmented Reality, he wants to further projects about collaborative, multi-user design tools with AR. He has been elected general chair of the conference committee for ISMAR 2011, the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, in Basel.


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