Michael Dotolo

Michael Dotolo (US) is a multi-instrumentalist and electronic media artist.

Michael Dotolo

Michael Dotolo [Jan Sprij 2010]

Michael Dotolo' early work is music-based, such as being part of Gunung Sari (ancient Javanese for "Mountain Essence,"), the Brooklyn-based performance ensemble with Nick Lesley, and Stanley Ruiz. While taking inspiration from Gamelan and other percussion-based folk musics of Southeast Asia, their instrumentation includes circuit-bent electronics, homemade analog synthesizers and the laptop for image and sound processing. From 2008, Michael has been researching, performing, and programming with multi-media. 

He studied Contemporary Music Composition and Performance, at the College of Santa Fe, Anthropological studies at the University of New Mexico and Humboldt State University, CA, and graduated in Performance, Interactive and Media Arts, Current, from the Brooklyn College, NY. In 2010, he is receiving his MFA in Interactive Media and Environment at the Frank Mohr Institute in the Netherlands.


Michael Dotolo will present his work-in-progress species during the Test_Lab: The Invisible City, on July 8, 2010.

species: approaching a light fountain, is a multi-channel audio installation, or sound object, that is driven by imperceptive audio frequencies of ultrasound. These frequencies have been designed to create a phenomenon called acoustic heterodyning, or audible sound from inaudible frequencies. Species refers to the variety of different liquids that are used and the sounds generated, while spatial modeling the concept of evolution as a logarithmic function.


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