Mink Lammertink

Mink Lammertink

Mink Lammertink

Mink Lammertink (NL) is an audio-visual designer and documentarist.

Mink is finishing his studies of Audiovisual Design at Willem de Kooning Academie, and the internship at V2_ is part of his graduation process.

Mink's main interests are documentaries: stories about hard working, normal people, about people who usually do not get any attention, about people with a passion for something, or about people who tell a story about a larger group or subject by themselves.

Mink has also been working on short fiction movies, the creation of sound, videoclips, and VJ images, but he hopes to make documentaries his career.

His other interests include politics, society and (electronic) music.

At V2_, Mink was creating a strong online presence for V2_, as well as interviewing artists and documenting artworks, working with the archive material, handling the youtube page and other social networks, as Intern for Video and Online Strategy in during six months 2010-2011.

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