Monika Fleischmann

Wiretap 5.04: Monika Fleischmann [photo: Jan Sprij]

Monika Fleischmann

Monika Fleischmann (DE) is a research artist focused on interface design and new forms of communication.

Monika Fleischmann is a research artist and head of computer art activities at GMD-German National Research Center for Information Technology in Sankt Augustin, Germany. In 1988 she was co-founder of Art + Com, Berlin, a research institute for computer assisted media research. Her body of work includes Home of the Brain - Golden Nica of Ars Electronica, 1992; Liquid Views; Rigid Waves; Skywriter; Virtual Balance and others. Her artistic work deals with visualizing the mutation of identity and perception in a digital media culture. The research projects are based on interface design and new forms of communication. The design of interfaces as a tool, as space and as a situation is the basis of communicative action and motivation for their scientific exploration of mixed realities. Her interest is to bring poetry and an aesthetic of interactivity into media art. In opposition to the theory of the disappearing body, she uses digital interfaces as a playful interaction of bodies, art and technology. In this process, the new cross-cultural dynamic which interactive media brings can be examined.


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