Naoko Tosa

Wiretap 5.12: Naoko Tosa

Naoko Tosa

Naoko Tosa (JP) is a media artist and researcher on communication, emotional intelligence, and the (sub)consciousness.

Naoko Tosa is media artist and researcher for the ATR Media integration & Communication Research Laboratories, Kyoto, Japan. She is a guest professor at the graduate school of Science and Technology at Kobe University and a visiting lecturer at the department of Media Art & Science at the Musashino Art University. She graduated as an engineer in Art and Technology at the University of Tokyo. In her work she concentrates primarily on the relationships between communication and emotional intelligence, consciousness and subconsciousness -- using computers, video and other electronica. Her specializations are experimental film, video art, computer animations and interactive art. Her work has been exhibited at many international festivals, for example at SIGGRAPH and Ars Electronica. She has won many prizes for her research whereby she connects science to art.


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