Neville Mars

Neville Mars (UK) is an architect fascinated with rapidly changing environments.

Neville Mars

Neville Mars

The body of work architect Neville Mars has achieved in the last ten years is both very diverse and highly characteristic. The projects he has initiated range from art, architecture, documentaries, video-installations, urban research and writing. His work is widely published and presented and his art installations have featured in several international exhibitions and art festivals.

The foundation of his work is a deep passion for the metropolis and a profound understanding of the urban context and its cultural and technical workings. In 2003, Neville outlined a comprehensive research project to map the rapid urbanization of China until 2020. For this project he founded (with Saskia Vendel) the Beijing based Dynamic City Foundation (DCF), that mapped the rapid urbanization of China with a broad team of designers and researchers. The results are on



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