Nils H. Abramson

DEAF00 Symposium, day 1: Nils Abramson

Nils H. Abramson

Nils H. Abramson (SE) is the inventor of the interferoscope, and an expert in holography.

Dr. Nils H. Abramson is professor and lecturer in Applied Holography at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Sweden. He is author of the book Making and Evaluation of Holograms (1981) and Light in Flight, or the holodiagram - the Columbi Egg or Optics (1996). Nils Abramson received his Master of Engineering (1960) and Doctor in Engineering (1970) from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. His creative and innovative work includes holographic portraiture; the holo-diagram, one of the first fundamental methods to make and to evaluate holographs and holographic interferometry; light-in-flight holography, illustrating numerous optical principles, including refraction, diffraction, phase delay, and the theory of relativity; and sandwich holography, a widely used tool for holograph interferometry, all having a broad range of applications. His contributions to the field of optical metrology and holography, include the invention of the interferoscope. Nils Abramson has received numerous international awards, including The Great Prize of the Royal Institute of Technology for Internationally Recognized Research on Holographic Measurement Methods and The Gold Medal for Pioneering work on Laser Metrology presented by the Royal Institute of Technology.

(bio: 2000)

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