Nynke Tromp

Nynke Tromp [foto © Jan Sprij]

Nynke Tromp

Nynke Tromp (NL) researches how design can control 'side effects' of products on human social behavior and attitudes.


Nynke Tromp studied Industrial Design Engineering, which left her dissatisfied as it was about the newest gadget rather than about possible contributions designers can make to society. Her interest was in the process of gaining insights into human behavior and of using this as input for creative thinking and generating ideas.

With Tromp's graduation project Designing Social Cohesion for the municipality of The Hague, she explored the possible contribution of designers to solving issues of societal kind: In our daily lives we are constantly interacting with products that support us in fulfilling our needs. The way these products mediate this relation can have significant influence on our social behavior. 



Nynke Tromp participated in the Test_Lab: Happiness on July 10, 2008.

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