Olav Huizer

Olav Huizer (NL) is a young designer exploring new crossovers between graphic design and new media.

Olav Huizer studies graphic design at the Minerva Academy in Groningen. He recently did an exchange at the Tampere University of applied sciences: TTVO  Degree Program in Media (Tampere, Finland). His main interests are in new media, graphic design and visual art. After focussing on video mapping technology in his VJ practice over the past years, Olav's current ambitions are to apply the technology to create more conceptual work. Together with Jelle Valk and 3 others, Olav founded the WERC collective, which focuses on new media design approaches mixing animation, video, typography, graphic design, audio, sculpture and architecture.



Olav Huizer and Jelle Valk are developing Moving 3D Mapping as part of the Summer Sessions 2011.

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