Paul DeMarinis

from the artist's website

Paul DeMarinis

Paul DeMarinis (US) is an electronic composer.

Paul DeMarinis (US) has been working as an electronic composer since 1971 and has created numerous performance works, sound and computer installations and interactive electronic inventions. He has taught computer, video and audio art at Mills College, Wesleyan University, San Francisco State University and the New York State College of Ceramics, and has been a video game designer for Atari Inc. and Scholastic Software. He has been commissioned to create permanent computer audio art works for The Exploratorium, The Ontario Science Centre and The Boston Children's Museum and has been the recipient of major awards. Much of his work is concerned with the redeployment of human sensory apparatus within the recording media. Recent pieces include: The Edison Effect, Gray Area, The Messenger, and The Lecture of Comrade Stalin.



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