Paul Sermon

Paul Sermon

Paul Sermon

Paul Sermon (GB) is a pioneer for telematic art and telepresence research.

Paul Sermon studied Fine Art under Professor Roy Ascott at The University of Wales (BA Hon 1985-1988), and obtained a post-graduate MFA degree at The University of Reading, England (1989-1991). He was awarded the Prix Ars Electronica "Golden Nica", in the category of interactive art, for the hyper media installation Think about the People now, in Linz, Austria, September 1991. He worked as an Artist-in-Residence and produced the ISDN video conference installation Telematic Vision at the Center for Arts and Mediatechnology (ZKM) in Karlsruhe, Germany (February to November 1993). He received the Sparkey Award from the Interactive Media Festival in Los Angeles, for the telepresent video installation Telematic Dreaming (June 1994). Since June 2000, Paul is Reader in Creative Technology at The University of Salford, Research Centre for Art & Design, Manchester, England.

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