Paul Slangen

Paul Slangen (NL) is a dramaturg.

Paul Slangen studied Theatre Sciences at Utrecht University. In 1991, he started working with the Theatergroep Hollandia where, in collaboration with its directors Johan Simons and Paul Koek, he developed his qualities as a dramaturge. He became responsible for the dramaturgy of many of Hollandia’s pieces, including Menuet, Industrieproject 1: KLM Cargo, De Bitterzoet and Twee Stemmen. In this period, Hollandia became well known for presenting site-specific works at spaces such as glasshouses, scrap yards, or abandoned factories.

Since 1997, he co-directed Hollandia’s (later ZT Hollandia) new artistic direction, initiated by Paul Koek who developed a new form of music theater by combining old Greek and modern German repertoire. There, Slangen contributed to the production of Bacchanten, Vrijdag, Sentimenti, Richard III, Seemannslieder and Fort Europa.

Since 2005, Paul Slangen continues his work as a dramaturge with Johan Simons, the new director of the Belgian theatre company NT Gent. Also, he continues producing new music theater with Paul Koek and his Leiden company De Veenfabriek.
In 1999 he was invited to join the Interfaculty Image & Sound, for which he developed the art history course Masters of the 20th Century, together with Michael van Hoogenhuyze and Horst Rickels.

Paul Slangen wrote The Situation Is That I Am Standing Here in Front of You (2008) for Dick Raaymakers: A Monograph.

Paul Slangen at Vlaams Theater Institute:

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