Paulette Phillips

Paulette Phillips (CA) makes film and video installations that create tension between idyllic landscape settings and sinister or subversive suggestions.

Paulette Phillips

Paulette Phillips []


Paulette Phillips on her practice:

"I am interested in paradox and conflict, unease, humor and contradiction. I work from concept to form and typically produce film work for installation. I like to directly address and implicate the viewer in the process of spectatorship and work with installation, film, audio, performance, electro-magnetism, digital photography and video, light and mechanics.

The work questions the implied stability of structures like "human nature", knowledge and architecture and how over time these structures are contested, disappear or get reclaimed by nature. Psychoanalysis provides the template for reading behavior as a form of political resistance, a coping mechanism for trauma where social conventions are resisted by irregularity and unpredictability. My interest in the psycho/socio nature of phenomena, how and why things appear is guided by research into histories where the romantic oscillates with the scientific."

Paulette Phillips lives and works in Toronto. She teaches film and installation at The Ontario College of Art and Design.

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