Robert Zwijnenberg

Robert Zwijnenberg (NL) is professor of Art History focusing on the impact of art on science and technology in contemporary culture.

Robert Zwijnenberg

Robert Zwijnenberg

Robert Zwijnenberg is professor of Art History in relation to the development of science and technology at Universiteit Maastricht and Universiteit Leiden. His research focuses on the impact of art on science and technology in contemporary culture, an example of which is Bio-art, where artists seek inspiration from science, while enriching the moral debates by visualising the ambiguity of the issue.

Trained in civil engineering and philosophy, he received a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Amsterdam. He was a visiting professor at the University of Stockholm and the University of Colorado at Boulder. At the Universiteit Maastricht, he is project leader of the interdisciplinary research program The Mediated Body (funded by The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research - NWO), investigating various medical, scientific and artistic ways of visualizing the interior human body and its boundaries. He is also project leader of the interdisciplinary research program New Representational Spaces (funded by NWO); this program aims to describe and analyze the unique role that the visual arts can have in the critical evaluation and dissemination of the results of genomics research. New Representational Spaces is conducted by PhD-students and post-docs at the universities of Leiden, Maastricht en Amsterdam. He is one of the founding directors of The Arts and Genomics Centre, Amsterdam.

Robert Zwijnenberg has published on Renaissance culture and art theory, philosophy of art, and on the relation between the arts and sciences. He is the author of The Writings and Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. Order and Chaos in Early Modern Thought (Cambridge University Press 1999), contributing co-editor (with Claire Farago) of Compelling Visuality. Works of art in and out of History (University of Minnesota Press 2003), and contributing co-editor (with Florike Egmond) of Bodily Extremities (Ashgate Press 2003).

Robert Zwijnenberg participates in the World in a Shell Seminar on April 1, 2010.

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