Robin Rimbaud

Music & Interfaces: Scanner; photo: Jan Sprij]

Robin Rimbaud

Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner (UK) is an electronic musician.

With his work as Scanner, Robin Rimbaud implicates himself in processes of surveillance, engendering access to both technology and language and the power games of voyeurism. Dubbed a "telephone terrorist," Rimbaud is a techno-data pirate whose scavenging of the electronic communications highways provides the raw materials for his aural collages of electronic music and "found" conversations. Musician, writer, media critic, cultural engineer, and host of the monthly digital club the Electronic Lounge at the ICA since 1994, a meaningful nexus of interaction, (The Independent), he is currently at work on a variety of projects.

Scanner is a project strongly inspired by John Cage's music, which evolves through "chance operations." However, Rimbaud has clear links with current dance culture judging from his cooperations with U.N.K.L.E. and Orbital. Rimbaud uses "free sounds" that can be received from the ether as musical material using scanners and receivers.



Nederlands / Dutch text

Scanner, een project van Robin Rimbaud, is sterk geïnspireerd op de muziek van John Cage dat tot stand komt middels "chance-operations". Rimbaud sluit evenwel aan op de hedendaagse dans-cultuur met dit project in samenwerking met onder andere U.N.K.L.E. en Orbital. Rimbaud verwerkt "vrije geluiden" die zijn te ontvangen in de ether met behulp van ontvangers en actieve scanners als muzikaal materiaal.

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