Salvador Lawrence d'Souza

Salvador Lawrence d'Souza [foto © Jan Sprij]

Salvador Lawrence d'Souza

Salvador Lawrence d'Souza (GH) is a researcher of new media and traditional rituals.

Salvador Lawrence d'Souza is researching TRIS (=Traditional Ritual Information System) at the Piet Zwart Institute. TRIS is a New Media approach to supporting the study of Symbolic and Visual Anthropology. His project explores what goes into the aesthetics of non-western cultural performance in the process of achieving visual-authenticity. TRIS tries to retrace Ghanaian rituals and how they are inter-connected with other cultures and economies. I attempt to track different areas of Visual, Auditory and Material culture in body-art, kente-cloth, adinkra symbols, jewelry, dance steps, drumming and music and traditional forms of communication.

Salvador Lawrence d'Souza is a New Media specialist, a mass media and information science consultant. He is an alumni of the Piet Zwart Institute for postgraduate studies and research in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Mr. d'Souza has a background in Mass Media Film and Video communications design from India. He has been on several electronic and print productions, Music scoring, Photography and Compositing projects. Salvador is an adept Post Production digital intermediary (DI) expert and has served as Creative Director at Color Chart Ltd., and also as Media and ICT Manager for Historical Society of Ghana, Culture Education and Technology Network, AND at the Sathyam Technology Centre in Mumbai. Dhr. d'Souza is interested in New Media research, open source development platform and responsible for Information Technology and media solutions at IIAS.


Salvador Lawrence d'Souza participated in the Test_Lab: Happiness on July 10, 2008.

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