Sam Ashley

Wiretap 7.01: Sam Ashley

Sam Ashley

Sam Ashley (US) applies experimental trance-mysticism to his work as a musician and sound artist.

Sam Ashley has been singing for more than 15 years, developing an unusual Animal Magnetism vocal technique. He has had principal roles in seven contemporary operas by Robert Ashley, with whom he regularly performs and records, in works by Alvin Lucier and in many other pieces too. He has designed digital audio signal processing systems, designed custom music software (including a stint with Sound Traffic Control) and done a wide range of recording engineer, consulting and project studio jobs. Sam Ashley co-founded Very Important Now, the Cactus Needle Project (acclaimed as an electronic/computer music ensemble), and AA Bee Removal. Sam Ashley has devoted his life to the invention of an experimental trance-mysticism and the art that he does tends to reflect this. Seeing Things, Everyone laughed when I sat down at the piano, Ghost Detector each feature a different version of authentic spirit possession or a mystical theme.




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