Sher Doruff

Sher Doruff (NL/US) is a digital artist-researcher in the performative arts.

Sher Doruff

Sher Doruff

Sher Doruff is an artist-researcher, specialized in image processing, digital audio and video, interactive applications and real time performance technology for theater and the Internet. Doruff works with interactive technologies in collaboration with electronic composers, choreographers, interdisciplinary artists and theater makers. She has worked as artist in residence at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada, the Internationale Cité des Arts in Paris, and at the STEIM foundation in Amsterdam.

Doruff was Head of the Research Dissemination Program at Waag Society in Amsterdam until 2007. She received her PhD, in 2006, from the University of the Arts London/Central Saint Martins with her thesis The Translocal Event and the Polyrhythmic Diagram which investigated the role of collaborative interplay and creative processes in networked performance practice.

Doruff's career has spanned various sectors of the visual and performing arts including conceptual art, music composition, digital design and scenography, interactive installation/performance and software development. She has worked with digital performance technologies in collaboration with interdisciplinary artists and performance-makers since 1986. From 1998-2004 she was a core developer for Waag Society's distributed performance software framework, KeyWorx, and from 2002-2004 she was the Creative Director of the Sensing Presence Program and the Connected:Live Art project (2003-2005). She has edited the Connected Live Art catalogue, published numerous papers, among them Collaborative Culture and EmergentC's for V2_'s Making Art of Databases (2003). Doruff regularly lectures and presents in academic and artistic contexts.
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