Stephen Perella

Stephen Perella (US) (1956-2008) is an architectural theorist on hypersurfaces.

Stephen Perella is an architect and a theorist, most prominently on the subject of hypersurface architecture and interfaces. As editor/designer at Columbia University, New York, he produced Newsline and the Columbia Documents of Architecture and Theory. He was President of HyperSurface Systems Inc, a design firm focusing on developing technologies that interrelate digital technology with the built environment.

A Hypersurface is a new theory of liquid-embodied architecture to displace the nostalgia and re-realization being carried into the spatial conceptions of new-media technology. [..] Hypersurface architecture is a way of thinking about architecture that does not assume real/irreal, material/immaterial dichotomies. It is to consider an architecture prior to those assumptions, that entails a condition also prior to the assumption of a split between body-subject/building. To think this architecture is not an act of construction or deconstruction but a nearly self-generating between-state.

Perella published Hypersurface Architecture part 1 and 2 (1998, 2000) and, The International Style: Exhibition 15 & the Museum of Modern Art (with Terence Riley, 1992). With V2_, Perella published the essay Hypersurface architecture and the question of interface in Interfacing Realities, 1997.

more on hypersurface architecture:

more on virtual architecture (by Mark Jackson):

Perella's biography:

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