Susie Jae

Susie Jae; photo: Jan Sprij

Susie Jae

Susie Jae aka Jean van Sloan (US/NL) is a computer music composer and performer.

Susie Jae (also szj) is a computer music composer, performer, and media artist. She began her musical career as radio-dj and event coordinator for WKCR in New York. Jae studied Visual Arts and Computer Music Center at Columbia University in New York.

Susie Jae began using her powerbook as compositional tool and performative instrument. She performed live (solo, group-improvised and/or DJ sets) at the Frying Pan (New York), rhiz (Vienna), Tonic (New York), WORM (Rotterdam), Zaal Belgie (Hasselt). She lives and works in the Netherlands.

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