Valentina Vuksic

Valentina Vuksic

Valentina Vuksic

Valentina Vuksic (CH/NL) is a computer artist and programmer.

Valentina Vuksic studied New Media Art at the Zurich University of the Arts and Information Systems in Germany. She explores a highly individual articulation of hard and software mediation; the processes in such intermediate space as action thus implying actors rendered audible through novel intrusion. The uncovered and amplified noise mediates processes enfolding within orchestrated soft- and hardware spaces. She approaches digital technology via magnetic pickup microphones.


Vuksic considers time and space of computer processor and memory as levels of reality. Software being processed creates own temporal and spatial dimensions, which are staged for a public. She aims for a sensual experience of the analytical sphere becoming concrete, where logic encounters the physical world. The mechanic noises serve as mediators to a public. They reveal in an immediate way the activities taking place between computer processes in the widest sense and the computer electronics they are running on.

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