Wim Nijenhuis

Wim Nijenhuis (NL) is an architectural theorist.

Wim Nijenhuis

Wim Nijenhuis (1997 © Jan Sprij]

Wim Nijenhuis has studied urban planning; he teaches at several schools for architecture and is a publicist.

His research is in the fields of urban planning, architecture, history, philosophy and culture criticism.

He has published articles on urban planning and architecture in a.o. Archis, De Architect, Assemblage and Architectural Design, and he is one of the editors of the architectural magazine Forum.

He wrote about philosophy and about art in Andere Sinema and Mediamatic and in the anthologies Wetware (De Balie, 1991); Actiones in Distans (Uitgeverij Duizend & Een, 1991); BIO-TECH (Uitgeverij Duizend & Een, 1992); Chloroform (Uitgeverij Duizend & Een, 1993); Djihad (Uitgeverij Duizend & Een, 1995); Europe à grande Vitesse (High Speed Europe, NAi, 1996).

He is the (co)author of the books Meten en Regelen aan de Stad (Measuring and Calibrating the City, SUN, 1981); Machinaties (SUN, 1982); Een schoone Stad (A Fair City) in De Kop van Zuid (Rotterdam Art Foundation Publications, 1982) and De Muur (The Wall) (010, Rotterdam, 1984).

Nijenhuis published the article Assault and Absence in TechnoMorphica (1997).


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