Artists, researchers, developers, curators, writers and their relations to V2_.

Jo Caimo

Jo Caimo is an artist and performer.

Agatha Haines

Agatha Haines is an artist and designer who studied at the RCA, London.

Benedikt Gross

Benedikt Gross is a speculative and interaction designer working across disciplines.

Andre Castro

Andre Castro is a sound artist from Lisbon. He studied at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.

Jonas Lund

Jonas Lund is a Swedish artist based in Amsterdam.

Steven Devleminck

Steven Devleminck is a theorist and practitioner specialized in media/sound art and artistic ...

Wim van der Plas

Wim van der Plas (NL) is an organizer and sociologist.

Geert-Jan Hobijn

Geert-Jan Hobijn (NL) is an audio artist.

Nelly Ben Hayoun

Nelly Ben Hayoun has been called the “Willy Wonka of design and science” and she is on a ...

Marinka Copier

Marinka Copier (NL) is a game educator and researcher.

Rop Gonggrijp

Rop Gonggrijp (NL) is is a hacker and one of the founders of XS4ALL.

Lee Felsenstein

Lee Felsenstein (US) is a computer engineer recognized as a pioneer in both the design of early ...

Todd Matsumoto

Todd Matsumoto (NL) is an artist, programmer and developer.

Anton H. J. Koning

Anton H. J. Koning (NL) is a computer scientist, specialized in Robotics and Image Processing.

Sven Travis

Sven Travis (US) is an artist and teacher.

Yan Ting Yuen

Yan Ting Yuen (HK) is a film director.

Jonas Vorwerk

Jonas Vorwerk (NL) is a designer working in the border between the autonomous and the applied arts.

Yvonne Wilhelm

Yvonne Wilhelm (DE) is an artist.

Anne Laplantine

Anne Laplantine (FR) is a musician and videoartist.

Miya Masaoka

Miya Masaoka (JP/US) is a composer, performer and sound artist.

Susanne Winnacker

Susanne Winnacker (NL) is a dramaturg and Rector of the HMT Rostock.

Marianne Weems

Marianne Weems (US) is a dramaturg, and co-founder of The Builders Association.

Edit Kaldor

Edit Kaldor (HU/US/NL) is an artist and dramaturg.

Mark Tribe

Mark Tribe (US) is an artist whose work explores the intersection of media technology and politics.

Bradley Rhodes

Bradley Rhodes (US) is a research scientist, inventor, and software engineer.

Tom Donaldson

Tom Donaldson (GB) is an engineer and inventor.

Paul Wong

Paul Wong (CA) is a curator and video and performance artist.

Herwig Turk

Herwig Turk (AT) is an artist.

Milos Vojtechovsky

Miloš Vojtěchovský (CZ) is a curator, artist, writer and founder of the Hermit project.

Brian Springer

Brian Springer (US) is a television director and producer, and new media artist.

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