Artists, researchers, developers, curators, writers and their relations to V2_.

Matteo Pasquinelli

Matteo Pasquinelli is a visiting professor in media theory at Karlsruhe University of Arts and ...

Luciana Parisi

Luciana Parisi is a reader in cultural theory, the chair of the Ph.D. program at the Centre for ...

Graham Harman

Graham Harman is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the Southern California Institute of ...

Timothy Morton

Timothy Morton is a professor and the Rita Shea Guffey Chair in English at Rice University, Houston.

Yuri Pattison

Yuri Pattison works with digital media, video and sculpture to explore the political implications ...

Tyler Coburn

Tyler Coburn is an artist and writer based in New York, working in performance, installation, ...

Prayas Abhinav

Prayas Abhinav is an artist and teacher.

Emily Martinez

Emily Martinez is an artist working with digital and networked media.

Liat Berdugo

Liat Berdugo is an artist, writer, and curator whose work strives to create an expanded and ...

Joseph DeLappe

Joseph DeLappe has worked with electronic and new media since 1983.

Jeff Crouse

Jeff Crouse creates software and installations using generative graphics, crowdsourcing, computer ...

Erica Scourti

Erica Scourti is an artist who works across different media and draws on personal experience to ...

Pablo Garcia

Pablo Garcia is trained as an architect. His work ranges from exhibited artworks, provocations to ...

Addie Wagenknecht

Addie Wagenknecht is an artist whose work explores the tension between expression and technology.

Lucia Dossin

Lucia Dossin is a researcher/designer.

Jip de Beer

Jip de Beer is an artist who operates on the border of art and computer science.

Philip Vermeulen

Philip Vermeulen is an artist who makes performative installations.

Constant Dullaart

Constant Dullaart is an artist who primarily works with the Internet.

Willem Schinkel

Willem Schinkel is Professor of Social Theory at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Constanze Kurz

Constanze Kurz is a German computer scientist.

Melissa Gregg

Melissa Gregg is an entographer and researcher at Intel Corporation.

Vida Guzmic

Vida Guzmic is an artist.

Mischa Daams

Mischa Daams (1986) is an artist that composes for the senses, while researching the space in ...

Jun Hyoung San

Jun Hyoung San is a sound artist.

Zane Cerpina

Zane Cerpina is an artist.

Susana Sanches

Susana Sanches (PT) is an artist.

Siri Borge

Siri Borge is a Norwegian artist.

Sebastian Pasquel

Sebastian Pasquel is an artist.

Inari Wishiki

Inari Wishiki is a Japanese artist.

Lai I-Chen

Lai I Chen is an artist.

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