Artists, researchers, developers, curators, writers and their relations to V2_.

Gustav Metzger

Gustav Metzger was an artist, known as the leading exponent of Auto-Destructive Art movement.

Lebbeus Woods

Lebbeus Woods (US) is an architect and theorist.

Konrad Becker

Konrad Becker (AT) is director of the Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0, Vienna.

Kees Christiaanse

Kees Christiaanse (NL) is an architect, lecturer and researcher.

Valerie Lamontagne

Valérie Lamontagne (CA) researches techno-artistic frameworks that combine human/nonhuman ...

Denise Pakes

Denise Pakes (NL) develops multidisciplinary community art projects.

Laurent Mignonneau

Laurent Mignonneau (FR) develops interactive artworks with natural and intuitive interfaces.

Christa Sommerer

Christa Sommerer (AT/JP) develops interactive artworks with natural and intuitive interfaces.

Masaki Fujihata

Masaki Fujihata (JP) is one of the pioneers of Japanese new media art.

Martin Howse

Martin Howse (GB) is a programmer, writer, performer and explorer.

Margarete Jahrmann

Margarete Jahrmann (AT) is an artist and researcher.

Tim Jones

Tim Jones (GB) is an organizer and independent arts producer.

Amy Youngs

Amy Youngs creates biological art, interactive sculptures, installation and new media art works.

Derrick de Kerckhove

Derrick de Kerckhove (CA) is a theorist.

Nils H. Abramson

Nils H. Abramson (SE) is the inventor of the interferoscope, and an expert in holography.

Otto E. Roessler

Otto E. Rössler (DE) is an endo-physicist.

James Stevens

James Stevens (GB) is an initiator of collaborative spaces and projects as well as wireless ...

David Panos

David Panos (GB) is a researcher and film maker.

Benedict Seymour

Benedict Seymour (GB) is a journalist, writer and film maker.

Peter Werkhoven

Peter Werkhoven (NL) is a researcher and Managing Director Technical Sciences at TNO.

Rasa Smite

Rasa Smite (LV) is a media artist, organiser and net activist.

Raitis Smits

Raitis Smits (LV) is a media artist, organiser and net activist.

Robin Rimbaud

Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner (UK) is an electronic musician.

Ulrike Gabriel

Ulrike Gabriel (DE) is an artist.

Thomas S. Ray

Thomas S. Ray (US) is a tropical biologist, who then conducted research on evolution in the digital ...

Lino Hellings

Lino Hellings (NL) is the founder of P.A.P.A.

Lina Kusaite

Lina Kusaite (BE) is an illustrator and an experimental textile designer.

Arno Coenen

Arno Coenen (NL) is a "people's artist".


Lia (AT) is a software artist.

Jan Rothuizen

Jan Rothuizen (NL) is a visual artist whose work augments reality.

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