"2001" was an exhibition by Wolfgang Staehle's at Postmasters' Gallery in New York.


Wolfgang Staehle: 2001

Wolfgang Staehle's exhibition 2001 at Postmasters' Gallery focused on large-scale, real time video projections from locations around the world. Effectively transcending technology into a somewhat Warholian update of the landscape genre, the first of these pieces presented a live image of the Empire State Building in New York. Empire 24/7 was included in the "net_condition" show at ZKM Center in Karlsruhe in 2000 and in "loans from the invisible museum" at Yerba Buena Arts Center in San Francisco in 2001. Staehle's exhibition at Postmasters consisted of three new web-transmissions: the instantly recognizable television tower in Berlin, the medieval Comburg monastery, and a spectacular panoramic view of lower Manhattan.


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