"3DAM" (1996) was a 3D project by Zvonimir Bakotin.

3DAM was a prize-winning project: a three-dimensional computer representation of the Dam square in Amsterdam, created by Zvonimir Bakotin as part of the Digital City (DDS). It was created in VRML.

Darko Fritz mentions it in his text "A brief overview of media art in Croatia (since 1960s)": "Zvonimir Bakotin has created a series of web projects since the very beginning of the web. Examples of pioneering net.art work are Transnavigation and Fresh - shaped for the participation in the Refresh project, 1996, one of the first network art works on the internet. In 1996 he was awarded the first prize for an experimental model of a 3D interface for the de DAM (De Digitale Stad Amsterdam). (See http://www.noemalab.org/sections/ideas/ideas_articles/fritz_media_art.html).

Some information from 1996 on the prize (in Dutch): http://www.desk.nl/~zone/webstrijd96/

"Bakotin ontwikkelde voor de Digitale Stad Amsterdam een 3D stadsomgeving in VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language) waardoor kan worden gewandeld via het Internet. Bakotin heeft daarmee een èchte digitale stad gebouwd met gebouwen, straten en andere stedelijke elementen."


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