A counterfactual speculation

A project (2014) by Mohammed Ali outlining a speculative, alternative recent history for Scotland.

A counterfactual speculation where a Yes result in the 1979 Scottish Independence Referendum leads to the creation of the New Scottish Government. A timeline logs the implementation of their Acts of Parliament whose aim is to create an infrastructure within which citizens gain personal energy independence. Eventually this leads to the creation of alternative economic paradigms where different forms of exchange and economy are created based on distribution and sharing of energy. The works describe the outcomes of some of the key pieces of legislation either on an individual, community or global level.


Works (Each with accompanying A1 posters to establish their backgrounds) 

– An interactive timeline shows the trajectory of the New Scottish Government from the initial implementation of legislative acts to the creation of new economies. Monitor mounted into plinth.

– The Public Research Act shows the outcome of an individual who benefits from the Acts of Parliament, to make his own energy generating machine. Prototype wave machine sitting on water in glass and steel tank. The Community Research Act examines how communities collaborate to make infrastructures based on local expertise. Blueprint showing former coal mine workings, repurposed to exploit geothermal heat. 

– The Third Millennium Prize looks at energy research on a global scale. The fusion reactor is the result of Scotland attracting international talent to create the long dreamed of prize, of nuclear fusion. Spherical glass reactor which demonstrates the first self-sustaining fusion reaction in 2008.


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