A Natural Order

A Natural Order is a series of photographs by Lucas Folglia. Shown as part of the DEAF2014 exhibition.

Is it possible to escape the system? The people Lucas Foglia photographed for his A Natural Order series pursue a self-sufficient lifestyle. Foglia travelled through the southeatern US in search of people and communities living 'off the grid'.


Foglia’s interest for this group of people originates from his own upbringing. His parents were part of the “back-to-the land” community; they left the city and tried to be as self-sufficient as possible. The people in A Natural Order series take it a few steps further, yet none of them live in complete isolation from the mainstream, as they often still make use of laptops or electricity for instance. They do not completely reject the modern world, but instead they step away from it and choose the parts that they want to bring with them.

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