Beijing Accelerator

"Beijing Accelerator" (2006) by Marnix de Nijs is an interactive installation.

Beijing Accelerator

Beijing Accelerator; photo: marnixdenijs.nl

Fascinated by the dynamics of the city of Beijing, Marnix de Nijs' installation examines the precarious balance of machine, image and body in time and the effects that accelerated forces of gravity have on today's urban citizenry. By manipulating both elements separately, the installation plays with both physical and visual perception. Participants sit in a racing car seat attached to a motorized revolving arm and focus on a video projection which is simultaneously circulating with them. Using a joystick the 'accelerators' control their own tempo and direction, and are challenged to synchronize their own speed with that of the images. Faster than ever and against the earth's gravitational pull ... the experience begins to tilt to a condition inducing a relative visual standstill. Rotterdam based artist Marnix de Nijs presents his works internationally and has recently been awarded with the Witteveen & Bos Art and Technology Prize in 2005.



Beijing Accelerator by Marnix de Nijs (2006) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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