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The CD-ROM Biomorph Encyclopedia: Muybridge Revisited (1994) by Nobuhiro Shilbayama is based on plates of the photographs of Edward Muybridge.

Though he was accused of being a murderer, the English 19th century photographer Edward Muybridge kept taking still photographs of man and animals in motion. The interactive CD-ROM "Bio-Morph Encyclopedia" by Nobuhiro Shilbayama is based on plates of his photographs, but shows them from a different perspective. It doesn't focus on his records of photographs, but rather on the indistinct time that was lost between the shots of sequential frames. Mysterious, as if man and animals are moving and shifting through shadowy and obscure time and spaces. Twisting and warping the time to travel from the past to the present, from the present to the future, the user does many unimagined discoveries -- different species of animals, different figures morphing into one another, creating an interactive Bio-Morph movie.

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