"Burnstation" (2003-) by Platoniq is a public space installation and action for a free audio culture.


Burn Station; photo: Jan Sprij

With Burn Station, Platoniq bridges the physical space of the city with the world of media through the exchanging of files and the building of personal contacts. The project aims to promote the right to free culture and to copyright alternatives being developed on the Internet thanks to the influence of open-source/free software on digital information. This open source, copyleft model project is an experiment in practical gift economics and face-to-face network builder.

Platoniq took to the streets to disseminate content with Burn Station, is a mobile copying station and online installation using a four-computer local network:

Come by with some blank CDs and record songs you like from the database.
You can also bring your own compositions for others to copy.

In this way, people can hear work that would never find a commercial sales channel.


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