Cafe9.net was a collaborative project between the nine Cities of Culture for the Year 2000.


the end of cafe9; photo: tech-no-mad.net

Its purpose was to provide a network-based social and artistic environment within which people in Europe could meet, enjoy, participate and communicate.

Cafe9.net offered a physical and a virtual stage to artists, new media designers and young people, both locally in eight dedicated venues in Avignon, Bergen, Brussels, Bologna, Helsinki, Krakow, Prague and Reykjavik, and globally on the worldwide web.

Cafe9.net proposed artistic, educative and entertaining content combining exhibitions, live events and performances, audio, visual and textual web content, workshops and discussions. By the use of video stages, multimedia PCs, video conferencing through ISDN connections and streaming media technologies it became a unique shared experience of the internet as a creative space for communication, learning and artistic activities.

It was launched through the http://www.cafe9.net web portal early July 2000 and was fully operational in the eight cities from September 1st to October 29th, 2000. On-line monitoring, local surveys and a Cafe9.net feedback seminar provided the core content of an evaluation report to be delivered to the Association of European Cities of Culture, representing the European Commission, in January 2001.

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