"Camouflage. LOOK like them - TALK like them" (2002/04) is a short video by Jun Yang.


Camouflage. LOOK like them - TALK like them

Camouflage. LOOK like them - TALK like them
Jun Yang

A 2002/04, 16:33 min

As an object of "suspicious appearance and behaviour", Migrant X feels forced to develop a range of camouflage tactics to ride out his everyday life.

The mutated conditions of everyday life for legal and illegal migrants since 9/11 are Yang Jun's topic in Camouflage. LOOK like them and TALK like them. A collage of recent newspaper headlines, showing that today's security and surveillance paranoia exaggerates outer appearance into a proof of suspectedness and harassment, contrasted by glossy advertisments and oversize fashion posters. Exemplified by the story of Migrant X, the voice-over develops those survival strategies of Camouflage: follow the crowd, adapt your language and gestures. X did not make it. He was arrested due to his suspicious appearance and behavior -- he ran after a bus -- and identified as illegal immigrant.

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