Capturing Unstable Media

Capturing Unstable Media was a research project conducted by V2_ in 2003 on archiving and preserving unstable media.

Capturing Unstable Media

Capturing Unstable Media website

From March to December 2003, the archive team of V2_ has conducted research on the documentation aspects of the preservation of electronic art activities -- or Capturing Unstable Media --, an approach between archiving and preservation.

For this purpose, two major case studies were investigated in depth -- both are projects that were co-developed at V2_Lab, the interdisciplinary workspace of V2_Organisation. The case studies were whisper by Thecla Schiphorst and Susan Kozel, a project related to wearable technologies, performance and the body; and DataCloud 2.0 and previous and later DataClouds, projects that involve web-based 2D or 3D visualizations of complex information structures.

Based on the findings from these case studies, a series of recommendations were formulated in the following areas: documentation strategies for electronic art activities, formal modeling and metadata and archival interoperability.

Furthermore, a number of technical realizations were implemented, including a public, web-based portal for V2_Archive and a new technical framework for the archive, based on XML and RDF technologies.

The research trajectory of Capturing Unstable Media was followed up by an advisory board with researchers, information science and preservation specialists from the following Dutch organizations: Maastricht McLuhan Institute, Netherlands Media Art Institute, de Balie, Filmmuseum, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and National Library of the Netherlands.

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