Chinese Portraiture

"Chinese Portraiture" (2006) is a conceptual image work and interactive video art installation by Zhou Hongxiang. The images are presented like a dictionary, in the way of Chinese tradition scrolls.

The screen of Chinese Portraiture displays videos of Chinese figures of different ages, performing a characteristic Chinese profession. The interactive relation between the spectators and the people in the image displays certain behavior and conflicts in a person’s life. Workmen, policemen, the emperor of Qing Dynasty, intellectuals, monks, old people, children, beggars, farmers, judges are presented with their most remarkable characters, morals and habits. The film works like a photograph, because of the stare between viewer and portrayed people. You'll wait for a certain thing to happen in a quiescent time and space.

Chinese Portraiture was shown at DEAF07, Zone V2_ and as part of the 3rd I exhibition.

Chinese Portraitures by Zhou Hongxiang (2006) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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