Conversation Piece

Conversation Piece is a work by Gabriele Golder. It is part of the DEAF2014 exhibition.

In Conversation Piece by Gabriela Golder, two girls read the communist manifesto with their grandmother There are many concepts that the girls do not understand. What does the expression 'to be an appendage of the machine for instance mean? it is a familiar scene, a conservation piece.

The grandmother in this familiar setting is the artist’s mother, who was a militant in the Argentine Communist Party, the two girls are her granddaughters. As they read Marx and Engels’ 1848’s Communist Manifesto together, they dive into a history of class struggle and social rebellion that was catalyzed by the industrialization of the 20th century. A history that is often described as the era of great inventions, but is also the origin of today’s division of labour and social inequality.

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