Cross the Border

The no border network is a tool for all groups and grass root organizations who work on the questions of migrants and asylum seekers in order to struggle alongside with them for freedom of movement.

Cross the Border


New social movements and political grassroot initiatives are discovering the Net as a means of swiftly distributing information and creating public awareness for current affairs of particular concern. Their online campaigns are able to publicise reliable information, photographs and video material which can have a significant effect on the international perception of political and social issues.

Particularly effective has been the international group Across the Border/Nobody is Illegal that has staged several actions against the treatment of migrants in Europe, and against the border and immigration regimes of the countries which are part of the Schengen agreement and which form the new 'Fortress Europe'. Through wireless modem connections, reports and photographs of demonstrations can be uploaded onto the Internet almost instantly, even while the campaigns are taking place, and can thus be made available for journalists and online media coverage. The Internet is thus used as an instant-publishing medium.


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