"Cubebrowser" (1st ed. 2009) by Ludwig Zeller is a navigation device for online databases.


Cubebrowser; photo: Jan Sprij

CubeBrowser is a six display cube that connects to online databases like The owner is able to move through thousands of image-sets by turning and shaking the small cube in space. The pictures, which are streamed onto the cube from the internet, are grouped by tags. Horizontal turns change images, while vertical turns change to other tags and therefore associations. This creates a situationism-like "derive" in a collaboratively created archival architecture in your hands. What lies next to the mountains, what is next to the sky? CubeBrowser unfolds an awe-inspiring trip through the hidden realms of online databases. Originally, this project has been started with the help of Andreas Muxel and Charlotte Krauß. The first edition of the Cubebrowser, that used a plain cube with the motion tracker inside to control a 3D cube on a projection screen, was presented during Test_Lab.

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