D.I.Y. Surgery Robot

The D.I.Y. Surgery Robot by Frank Kolkman is part of his OpenSurgery project.

D.I.Y. Surgery Robot

Domestic Surgery

With the OpenSurgery initiative Frank Kolkman investigates whether developing D.I.Y. Surgical Tools outside the scope of regulated healthcare might provide a plausible and preferable solution to the growing problem of limited access to professional healthservices worldwide.

Central to the concept is the ideological development of collective knowledge and expertise fueled by other than purely economic motives. Enabled by easily accessible software and decentralized making facilities there is the idea that you can make almost anything you want from home on a near professional level, without being obstructed by conservative politics. The result is returning power and responsibility to the individual and attesting to a sense of self-determination.

By proposing a D.I.Y. robot assisted surgery system, theoretically capable of performing keyhole surgery in a domestic setting, I aim to provoke alternative thinking about innovation within healthcare and the socioeconomic values it is based on. Whilst challenging the potential of the current digital maker movement to adopt more critically engaging societal roles and to serve as an example for social innovation on a bigger scale.

More information on www.opensurgery.net

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