Dark Matter

This project investigates the way physical data (from sensors) about the world and virtual data from the web can be merged and presented in a total user experience in order to increase people’s awareness about the world’s state and well being using representations that are recognizable for humans and which humans can empathize with.

We are interested in how physical data influence virtual data and how we can visualize such complex patterns. By means of the development of an immersive environment, in which a user is part of the system, the data visualization will be presented in an interactive sensory experience.

Dark Matter is a project initiated by media artist Tom Heene and the Center for User Experience Research - CUO (KU Leuven, Dries De Roeck & Dirk Bollen). It is developed in collaboration with LAHAAG (Pieter Heremans & Gert Aertsen), NODEBOX (Lieven Menschaert & Tom De Smedt) and WICA (UGent, Kris Vanhecke & Tom Deryckere). Dark Matter is an Art&D project funded by the IBBT (Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology). It has the support of XenICs and iMAL (Center for Digital Cultures and Technology).


Dark Matter was presented at the V2_ in the Test_Lab: Artistic Interfaces on March 12, 2009.


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