"DissemiNETion" (1998) is an internet project by Beth Stryker and Sawad Brooks.


Beth Stryker and Sawad Brooks: DissemiNETion

Designed as a Java-based client-server system, DissemiNET is a curated and public participatory system conceived to elaborate a diaspora on the web. Creating a repository for personal and social memory, DissemiNET uses Internet technologies to give visual form to the transactions (deposits, retrievals, and loss) through which we experience memory. Disposed on a boundary between identity (i.e. national and personal) and its dispersal over the web, DissemiNET is conceived to trace connections between people in terms of "digi-texts," creating a cross-linked, communal storytelling space.

The DissemiNETion installation features two telematic instruments as interfaces between the transient public space of the gallery, and the cumulative public webspace of DissemiNET. Providing a gathering space and region for dispatches to DissemiNET, these freestanding hardware/software interfaces to a local community are designed for multiple user viewing and input (collection) and output (recollection).


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