"drawn" (2007) is an interactive installation by Zachary Lieberman.



In the installation drawn, figures drawn with pen and ink take on a life of their own and interact with their creators. They seem to arise from the sheet of drawing paper and start to move in synch with the hand motions of the person who drew them. Drawn figures can be animated in diverse ways simply by touching the figures on the paper.

drawn is an interactive installation in the purest sense. In fact, it is a script -- to stick to the terminology of interaction design -- in which shapes drawn in ink on paper come to life on a screen and respond to the hands that have drawn them. The drawings on the paper are also visible on the screen. When the visitor touches the drawings on paper, they come to life on the screen, and can be moved and reshaped. It is real-time animation whose viewers become performers. If there is no action by the user, nothing happens in drawn; it is nothing but a technical assembly of paper, drawing supplies, tracking camera and software. Whether the user does anything, and whether anything comes of that, depends completely on the system's appeal and its responses. drawn creates an infectious dialogue that leads to an interactive animation you can play with. At the very least, it elicits a smile or an experience that puts you in a good mood. Perhaps you even rediscover your own creativity. drawn is a typical product of the American school of interaction design. It is subtle and designed to create a positive, delightful interaction between human and machine. What it evinces is not so much a belief in the blessings of technology (its makers know the quirks of computers too well for that) as a belief in human creativity. drawn was developed by Zachary Lieberman, who previously made Messa di Voce with Golan Levin. drawn, like Messa di Voce, has a magical quality. A drawing comes to life and can be manipulated on paper. This is astonishing; your jaw drops and you want to play with the piece. Lieberman originally developed drawn for performances with the Japanese musician Pardon Kimura. Members of the audience would always come up to him after the concert to see how it worked and ask to try it themselves, so he decided to make an installation version. It will come as no surprise that drawn has been a success in workshops with children as well as allowing adults to rediscover the pleasure of drawing.


Drawn by Zachary Lieberman (DEAF07) from V2_ on Vimeo.


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