Emotion Hero

Train the right facial expression in every situation, compete in the worldwide competition to become the one and only Emotion Hero! The game gives you detailed feedback to improve your score, so you can keep on playing.

What does it mean to feel 48% surprised and 18% joyful? Over the last years new software has emerged that estimates what people feel based on their facial expressions. Emotion Hero is a project consisting of a game and an exhibition that encourage the visitor to investigate how face and feelings are represented by this software. The central question is, what is it we are looking at when we read emotion scores? Which leads one to wonder, what is it we are looking for in these numbers?

The game's emotional intelligence is powered by Affectiva.

This project is produced as part of the Summer Sessions Network for Talent Development in a co-production of Arquivo 237 and V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media, with support of the Creative Industries Fund NL.

Available in the Google Play Store

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