Geek Run

"Geek Run" (2011) by Emilie Tappolet, Raphaël Munoz and Maria Beltran uses physical cubes as game controllers to manipulate virtual space.

Geek Run

Geek Run; photo: Sebastian Frisch

Geek Run is an interactive installation that aims to break the wall between the physical and virtual worlds by using wooden cubes as a tangible interface for a collaborative game, in combination with a Kinect controller.

The cubes do not feature any electronic technology, yet they become the interface between the player and the virtual world. By moving them on the floor in front of the Kinect, players control different functional elements on the screen. The lead character, the so-called geek, follows a series of forking paths. By placing the cubes in the correct position, the geek avoids obstacles and/or opens up a new path in the game. As in a choose-your-own-adventure book, the user’s choices open up new possibilities for gameplay. The story and the followed paths are different every time the installation is presented anew.

The new version of the game was designed and developed during a two weeks residency, organized in partnership by V2_Lab and the Master in Media Design at Geneva University of Art and Design.

Game design and development: Maria María Beltràn, Emilie Tappolet, Raphaël Muñoz (CH) 
Kinect software development: Douglas Edric Stanley, Stéphane Cousot
Production: Geneva University of Art and Design, Master Media Design with V2_Lab

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