Gigaport (2002-2004) was a research project by V2_Lab.


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In 2001, V2_Organisation received a subsidy for a three year subscription to GigaPort, the broadband network of Surfnet. This connection gives V2_ the opportunity to develop and host broadband projects and events in Rotterdam. V2_ functions as a point of presence for Rotterdam as Waag Society will be for Amsterdam. The Virtual Platform members and also former Las Palmas partners can use the connection for their experimental broadband projects.
V2_ already has experience with broadband projects during festivals like DEAF. The V2_Lab can now develop these projects in house with a Gbit connection which allows us to send and receive high quality video, audio and data streams to and from other institutes on the Gigaport network. In the Netherlands there will be cooperation with Waag Society, universities and other scientific or art organizations. Partners from our international Encart network in Linz (A), Karlsruhe (D) and Budapest (HU) are also connected to foreign broadband networks so they will also participate in new projects. Projects will also include large streaming events with participation of internet visitors. V2_ is experimenting now with participation during events in our ground floor by chat, multiple streams, newsgroups and shared workspaces. They will be used extensively during DEAF03.

On April 18, 2002, a workshop on the Technical infrastructure of Gigaport took place.

On May 7, 2002, a workshop on High bandwidth projects took place.

On October 23, 2003, a LiveArt Performance took place in the context of the  e-culture fair 2.

The grant is received form the Ministry of OC&W for eCulture projects and is awarded by the Mondriaan Foundation. The connection will be realized by the summer of 2002.


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