Google Gift

Google Gift (2014) is a work by Lasse van den Bosch Christensen.

In 2012 Google sold the 3D modeling software Google SketchUp.This lead to the collapse of a web platform solely driven by a community of volunteer modelers. For six years they had populated the virtual globe - Google Earth - with their creations. Most volunteers continued contributing until the very end. Just before announcing the sale of Google SketchUp, Google sent a gift to its most successful and productive volunteers, whom they addressed as 'top modelers'. The gift contained a 'Thank You'-postcard, a mug, a pencil case, Post-It notes and two stickers. In the aftermath of the platform's abrupt end, I asked several former 'top modelers' to give a gift in return. Each gift on display manifests an individual modeler’s own particular feelings and attitudes towards Google. 

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